Playing The Game For Real In New York

New York is where business is played for real ask Antony Gordon. All of the major corporate players have a presence in New York. The presence may be physical, internet, or media but that presence is all important in getting a business noticed and promoted. Promotion from New York is your ticket to business and corporate success.

How you do it

Be different
According to Antony Gordon. Being different from anyone else is an advantage. You have to make people understand that you are competing against the best in the world. Unique presentation and different style show you are one of a kind.

You are competing for the best promotion in the world. Do not think that your original ideas can make a mark against corporate advertising or the budget that some businesses have.

The attitude
The New York attitude is to appeal to the largest audience possible. This is easy in New York. Your presentation has a tone that is unilaterally appealing. You have to take special care to prevent offense to any group of people. Offending anyone reduces sales.

A perceived offense based on race, sexual orientation, religion or any basis can destroy your operation.

You have to present more than the exceptional value when you are selling in New York. You are competing against the best with huge budgets. Offering specials deals, one time specials, one-day offers, and anything that beats your competition is good for you.

Value is a great idea for small businesses that cannot break into New York. People that ship in New York-either in person or on the internet- have gotten a certain mindset. They expect to be taken to some extent.

Proving that you do not take a customer is an exceptional quality that will get you attention.

Social media will sell you
People buy 70 percent of what they purchase from their phones. The same people rave about the places where they buy their best deals from social media.

The idea is that you create a social media page for your company. You want to curry that fan that has nothing but wonderful things to say about you. This is your best salesperson. People place more trust in an individual’s reviews than they do in thousands of words that a professional wrote about you and your products,

The idea is to find this fan and curry heir favor for a New York audience.

New York changes rapidly. You have to keep pace with the change in taste, fashion, and style. Change your presentation as needed to keep pace with New York’s changing pace. The cost is worth the increase in profits.

Keep changing
New York is all about constant change. You have to watch what is happening and adapt if you want to keep pace with the market and continue to sell. Rapid change is one of the constants in New York.

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