New York’s Business Life

New York City is the cultural and money capital of the world, ask Antony Chanan Gordon. Price Water House Coopers rated New York City as the #1 business city in the world. The number one status included first in cultural vibrancy, research, work flexibility, commercial and cargo aircraft and sports/leisure. New York City was second in an entrepreneurial environment and international tourism.

With a metropolitan population of over 14 million, New York City is the definition of diversity in the workplace and corporate offices. The “City that never sleeps,” encourages thinking out of the box and finding new, improved ways of doing things, according to Antony Chanan Gordon. The things that make a city successful is a combination of marketplace, cultural and educational opportunities.

One of the major leaders of the corporate world in New York City is real estate. Every inch of the city’s property is worth millions and land brokers are rich and powerful. The cost of owning a piece of New York is high but the rewards make it worth it. Homes of the rich and famous are worth millions and businesses in the heart of the prime district can climb into the hundreds of millions.

Another successful industry in New York City is the personal service industry. Prestigious clients need representation in the legal field; personal chefs and trainers to fit into their busy schedules and agents who will make sure their corporation stays in front and is visible. New York is a busy, fast-paced world where split decisions must be made with confidence.

Voted #99 by Forbes in the Best Places for Business/Careers, New York can make or break an owner. There is unlimited opportunity for those who are willing to take a chance and do the hard work. The payoff can be immense or the decline traumatic. Technology is king and those businesses who keep up with the cutting edge have a distinct advantage. Knowing the key players in New York City is vital to a successful corporation.

The gross metro product for New York City has quickly climbed to an amazing $1.121 billion dollars. The opportunity for a successful corporate life is there if you can navigate the deals and the power players who will either help you to the top or bury you. Entities like the United Nations Headquarters in New York City make it the diversity capital and the center of the international world. Business in New York City is a thrill and a success for those willing to take the ride.

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