Jobs and Careers in Israel

Like many countries, Israel offers numerous types of jobs and careers, both for Jewish people and for those moving to the country, ask Antony Chanan Gordon. Many of the most prestigious or well paying jobs there, will be found either within the government or in the hi-tech sector.

One of the most common job opportunities in Israel, is working for the Israeli government. Although the pay scale is not as high in government jobs, as it might be in other fields, they still have a highly competitive selection process. The hiring process can include taking several psychological and intelligence tests.

Working for the Israeli government does offer a wide variety of job opportunities, however, and a wide variety of past jobs can qualify you for a government career in Israel. The government agencies typically recruit candidates with experience in: international relations, political science, business, economics, law and social work.

You must speak fluent Hebrew, in order to land a job with the Israeli government. Fluency in English can be helpful at times, but all communication is conducted in Hebrew. For the vast majority of positions, you should also have connections in your field. Both temporary and permanent positions are filled by someone who has a previous, personal connection, sometimes even before they are posted publicly.

Since the 1990’s, the Israeli government has had a policy to incentivize and subsidize the high-tech companies, like Antony Chanan Gordon. These companies export a lot more than other types of businesses, and the best salaries in the private sector of the country are offered in high-tech positions.


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